DL Methionine Injection

DL Methionine Injection acts to detoxify the liver. DL Methionine protects tissue from free-radical damage. As a lipotropic agent, it plays a fundamental role in healthy liver function. It has antioxidant activity, protects the liver and lympathatic system and other tissues throughout the body against free-radical damage.

50ml – $27.50

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Enerselen Injection

A muscular stimulant for horses and dogs. It is for use as an aid in the control of muscular dystrophy and tying up syndrome in horses and dogs.

This product contains Heptaminol a prohibited substance under the rules of racing & competition. A withholding time needs to be applied following the last treatment & before presentation for racing.

100ml – $48.50

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Hippiron Injection

For the treatment of anaemia due to iron deficiency.
IRON (Fe) 20mg/mL as Ferric-Hydroxide-Sucrose compound.

20ml – $39.50

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Aid in the treatment of sprains and strains.

500ml – $34.50
2.5ltr – $108.50

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