Baladene Liquid

Aid in the prevention and treatment of acidosis, dehydration and tying-up in greyhounds.

5ltr – $99.50

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Malaban Wash

Concentrate that controls fleas, lice and adult brown dog ticks on dogs and in kennels.

500ml – $35.50
4ltr – $164.50

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Original Vitamin E Powder

Contains non-synthetic Vitamin E. Vitamin E is an important nutrient that assists the utilisation of B group vitamins and Vitamin C. Vitamin E also acts as an antioxidant and will assist muscle strength, reducing oxygen demand and possible cramping.

1kg – $75.50
2.5kg – $169.50

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Calcium with Vitamin Supplement, added to the diet of pregnant & lactating animals; young & growing animals; or when milk is in short supply. Treatment for calcium deficiencies.

1ltr – $55.50
5ltr – $189.50

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