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Buffered Iodine Spray - Farnam

A safe and effective topical spray suitable for general antiseptic purposes on the skin. It can be used to control topical infection of the skin, keeping wounds dry and covered with a protective residue film of iodine to provide prolonged activity. BUFFERED IODINE SPRAY may be used in numerous surgical procedures and as a topical agent for various dermal and mucosal infections such as wounds, cuts, abrasions, burns, ringworm, navel disinfection in newly born animals, castration and docking wounds, udder wounds and cut teats.

500ml – $37.50

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Flints Medicated Oil

Prevents the formation of excess granulation tissue or ‘proud flesh’. FLINT’S MEDICATED OIL repels flies from the wound site, enabling the wound to heal naturally without any further irritation, as well as helping to ensure a minimal risk of surface infection whilst providing a protective film to the healing wound.

500ml – $34.50

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KA Mixture

Reliable diuretic action removes toxins from the body by stimulating thirst and increasing the volume of urine passed. The gentle antiseptic action helps clean and protect the kidneys and urinary tract from infection.

500g – $29.50
3kg – $99.50

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A palatable red powder blend of proteins, energy and polyunsaturated oils, formulated to improve coat condition and general appearance.

2kg – $23.50
10kg – $67.50
20kg – $112.50

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ProN8ure Powder (formally Protexin Powder)

Multi-strain probiotic added to the food that helps to support good digestive function and overall health.

125g – $38.50
250g – $46.50
1kg – $79.50

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Tite Liniment - Farnam

Active ingredients increase circulation and general blood flow to affected areas, accelerating repair and recovery of tissues, creating warmth and alleviating soreness.

500ml – $45.50

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