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ACE is a new concept as a complete antioxidant nutrient package for racing greyhounds. It contains the full range of antioxidant nutrients which help to maintain the muscle cell walls of rapidly contracting muscles against damage by harmful reactive oxygen molecules as a greyhound races. It features a high content of totally natural source d-α-RRR-Vitamin E, as well as Vitamin A, Vitamin C and organic selenium to help maintain optimum muscle function during and after racing. It is a “new” generation over traditional Vitamin E supplements as it is formulated to help maintain maximum antioxidant activity within the muscle environment during strenuous exercise.

450g – $39.50
1.2kg – $81.50

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ENERGY-E is a high energy, highly palatable source of Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9 fatty acids, blended in an optimum ratio to correct low or inadequate levels in common meat and dry food diets. Omega fatty acids are essential for optimum muscle cell and natural anti-inflammatory function. ENERGY-E contains added Vitamin E to help protect Omega-3 fatty acids from rapid oxidation in muscle tissue during exercise.

2ltr – $28.50
5ltr – $59.50
20ltr – $209.50

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Is a Magnesium Supplement for Greyhounds. It provides a source of organic magnesium, natural Vitamin E and Vitamin B1 which have roles in maintaining normal nerve and muscle function.

250g – $29.95
425g – $46.95

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Muscle Pro

MUSCLE PRO contains human quality high protein whey powder isolates, with other nutrient co-factors for optimum muscle protein and energy synthesis – without herbs, hormones or gimmicks. The natural source Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) of L-leucine, L-isoleucine and L-valine are complemented by natural glutamine, lysine, aspartic acid and threonine, as well as a complete range of other amino acids, which are often low or inadequate in the diet of growing and racing greyhounds. The inclusion of organic chelated zinc, natural source RRR vitamin E, organic sulphur, as well as organic chelated manganese and Vitamin B6, complement the BCAAs in helping to maintain the muscles. It contains over 70% high quality crude protein to facilitate natural protein and energy synthesis in exercising muscles which have a role in the recovery process after racing, as well as maintaining muscle bulk between races.

350g – $29.95
1.2kg – $54.50
2.5kg – $110.50

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Results Plus

RESULTS PLUS has been especially formulated to meet the elevated needs of racing greyhounds by providing a wide range of nutrients which have roles in muscle, nerve and metabolic function to help maintain speed, performance and vitality. Careful selection and balance of organic “chelated” trace-minerals and coated vitamins to avoid nutrient damaging interactions helps ensure that the supplement has optimum benefit in correcting a low or inadequate intake of essential micro-nutrients to maintain metabolism, appetite, vitality and well-being in a racing greyhound.

1.5kg – $53.50
4kg – $109.50
9kg – $236.50

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Whelp 'n' Grow

WHELP ‘N’ GROW is a Bone Mineral, Trace-Mineral and Vitamin Supplement for Breeding and Growing Greyhounds. It is an innovative formulation to make up the shortfalls of a wide range of nutrients which have roles in normal growth and development, health and metabolism, as well as fertility in brood bitches and stud dogs. It contains acidified bone minerals for optimum uptake of calcium, trace-minerals in organic chelated proteinate form and coated forms of key Vitamins to help ensure optimum availability and stability of the supplement during storage and daily use, all in balanced proportions.

1.5kg – $44.95
4kg – $71.95
9kg – $154.95

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