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A concentrated Calcium supplement containing Beta-Carotene (Provitamin A), Vitamin D, Vitamin C and Bovine Colostrum. Caldogcium is developed with optimising two raw “Calcium” ingredients, derived from calcium Carbonate and a Natural Milk Calcium supplement. These two ingredients combined, offer a “Calcium” supplement to compliment a typical meat (Phosphorus rich) diet. Caldogcium offers the greyhound trainer the supplement to assist in ensuring correct ratio’s of Calcium and Phosphorus is achieved. Caldogcium, also contains a “Natural” ingredient that offers excellent levels of “Beta-Carotene,” which is a powerful antioxidant and also provides Provitamin A that is converted to retinol (vitamin A) in the body as required. A broad spectrum of other health and vitality boosting phytonutrients are also available in their natural form. Vitamin D3, the naturally occurring form, is included in the formulation for its well-known association with Calcium to form and maintain bone mass. All of these nutrients being available and working synergistically, assists in the utilisation of Calcium by the body.

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