Tornado Kennel Wash


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Has been on the market since 2003. It has been well received by the greyhound industry, dog breeders and boarding kennels.

Tornado Kennel Wash is a hospital grade concentrate disinfectant deodorizer suitable for sanitizing kennels, stables, aviaries and all animal housing. It can also be used for toilets and around the house.

It is currently available in the following fragrances:

Bubble Gum, Baby Powder, Fruity and is also available in Citronella which is made with 100% Citronella Oil to help combat flies and mosquitoes.

Usage Directions

Mix with 25ltrs of water. For hospital strength disinfectant use undiluted for drains and garbage bins to kill 99.9% of germs. For general use it can be diluted 1 part kennel wash to 20 parts water.

Bubble Gum – $40.00
Baby Powder – $40.00
Fruity – $40.00
Citronella – $40.00

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3ltr – Bubble Gum, 3ltr – Baby Powder, 3ltr – Fruity, 3ltr – Citronella